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Method Connectors 6Stück Drennan

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Method Connectors 6Stück Drennan 

These quick-change Drennan Method Connectors allow you to quickly change feeders and hooklengths.


  • 6 per packet
  • Internal moulding has a breaking strain of approximately 36lb (16kg)
  • They are designed to go with the Drennan In-Line Flat Method Feeders and Pellet Feeders but they are also suitable for lots of other uses where a quick change connection is required.

    They provide an easy loop-to-loop, slimline join which locates neatly back inside the body of an inline feeder.

    The rubber sleeve semi locks into a central position for security and the internal moulding has a breaking strain of approximately 36lb (16kg), making it an extra-strong connection method.


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