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Sonubaits Bream Feeder Groundbait 2kg Grundfutter

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1 kg = 6,48 €

Sonubaits Grundfutter Match Method Mix 2kg in absolüter Premiumqualität. Nur ausgesuchte , hochwertige Aromen, Mehle und Lockstoffe finden hier Verwendung.
Enthält Mais,zerkleinerte Pellets und Fischmehl. Perfekt für Brassen und Güstern. Zum angeln mit dem Futterkorb oder der Kopfrute. Zum anmischen einer 2kg. Tüte wird 1 Liter Wasser benötigt.

Bream Feeder


Fishing for Bream on commercial fisheries and natural venues is becoming more and more popular both in the UK and Europe.

So we developed a groundbait perfectly suited for the modern angler fishing for Bream.

It is golden yellow in colour which is the colour of a traditional groundbait for bream, this colour attracts shoals of bream and skimmers as it will stand out on most lake beds.

Bream Feeder is made by crushing fish pellets, fishmeal and corn-based ingredients all of which are proven baits for Bream. They are crushed to leave bigger particles which will stay on the bottom as the shoal of bream sift through the groundbait looking for the bigger particles, this means the shoal stays feeding for longer, it also creates more competition so they are more likely to get caught. Because the larger particles are heavy they will also drop back to the lake bed so keeping the feeding area going for longer.

Mixing Guidelines

Bream Feeder is simple to mix. For most fishing situations empty the 2kg bag of groundbait into a round mixing bucket, fill a 2-pint maggot tub with water, pour this onto the groundbait and mix thoroughly, then allow it to rest for 30 minutes, during this time the water will be absorbed into the groundbait. Then for best results; to remove any lumps and create an even consistency, pass the groundbait through a riddle and it is ready to use.

Bream Feeder can be mixed to suit a number of different fishing situations, for a light fluffy mix for close in work with a cage feeder you can mix it quite dry by adding around 1 1/2 pints of water to a two kilo bag, If you want a firmer mix then use 2 pints of water to mix a 2kg bag and you will end up with a mix perfect for the cage feeder, bullet feeder, Method Feeder or simply balling in on the pole or waggler. For extra attraction add Bream Feeder Liquid Flavour to the mix.

When fishing sun and wind may dry the groundbait out a little, to combat this you can cover the mixed groundbait with a damp towel, or if it does dry out just add a little more water and mix again.

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