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Korum Neoteric Padded Jacket 39,95€

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Great as an outer or mid-layer, the Neoteric Padded Jacket offers superb thermal protection from the elements.

The hood can be removed when the jacket is being used as a mid-layer, providing a versatile garment for all conditions.

The active-fit makes it perfect for active anglers, whilst the durable material provides protection from bankside foliage.

A superb jacket for four-seasons use.

  • Removable hood section
  • Active-fit thermal layering
  • Durable outer material
  • High tensile strength
  • Breathable membrane


Code Description
K0350053 Neoteric Padded Jacket M
K0350054 Neoteric Padded Jacket L
K0350055 Neoteric Padded Jacket Xl
K0350056 Neoteric Padded Jacket Xxl
K0350057 Neoteric Padded Jacket XXXL
K0350071 Neoteric Gloves



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