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Drennan Haken Method Bandits – Carp Method Drennan Barbless-ohne Widerhaken

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Method Bandits – Carp Method

Method Bandits are convenient, pre-tied hooklengths complete with hair-rigged latex bait bands and perfect for the Method feeder.

The Range:

  • Size 8 to 10lb (0.24)

  • Size 10 to 10lb (0.24)

  • Size 12 to 8lb (0.22)

  • Size 14 to 8lb (0.22)

  • Size 16 to 8lb (0.22)


  • 90mm long hooklengths

  • 8 hook­lengths per packet

  • The strongest Method Bandits are tied to our robust Carp Method hooks in sizes 8 to 16 and with hooklength diameters from 0.24mm (10lb) down to 0.22mm (8lb).

Each hooklength is 90mm long, which we believe is the optimum length for an effective Method feeder or pellet feeder setup.

The hair-rigged latex band can be used to mount a number of hook baits. It can be stretched around a hard pellet or dumbbell boilie with the help of a Band Stretcher. Alternatively, it can be pulled inside a soft pellet, drilled boilie or cube of meat with the help of a Pellet Band Puller.

Method Bandits are individually hand tied and, just like our already popular Carp Method Pushstop Hair Rigs, they are packed straight to avoid any chance of kinking.


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