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Futterkörbe In-Line Flat Method Feeder Drennan 15g

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Futterkörbe In-Line Flat Method Feeder Drennan 25g

With this improved design of Drennan In-Line Flat Method Feeder, both the lead in the flat base and the bait load distribute the weight into an aerodynamic bomb shape.

The Range:

  • Small - 15g

  • Small - 25g

  • Small - 35g

  • Large - 25g

  • Large - 35g

  • Large - 45g


  • Two frame sizes, small and large

  • Available with or without Easy Release Bait Mould

  • Extra-tough and durable construction

  • Aerodynamic shape

  • Fits Quick Change Method Connectors

The shape of the feeder increases casting distance and improves accuracy, particularly in strong cross-winds. On the body of the feeder, the two largest bait-holding ribs are well spaced and curved away from each other. This leaves a generous gap so that the hook bait can be placed in the optimum position. This area also aligns with a recess in a Drennan bait mould for perfect positioning every time.

Used in conjunction with the non-stick, easy release bait mould, you can achieve perfectly shaped groundbait and/or pellet mouldings every time.

A special slim-line loop-to-loop Method Connector bead, also provided, allows you to swap feeders as well as quickly change the hook link in seconds.

A more recent introduction has been the Heavyweight sizes; 35g to fit the green mould and 45g to fit the larger orange mould. These are ideal for long-range casts, casting into headwinds and offer even more purchase on a steep slope.

Sometimes we are able to launch products that are better designed, a better quality of build and better value for money than the alternatives!

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